How casinos use music to make games more fun

How casinos use music to make games more fun

If you’ve ever played online slots malaysia casino or spent a night at a local casino, you may be wondering why you enjoy playing so much.

Sure, there’s the thrill of the game and the prize pool up for grabs, but did you know that studies reveal that music could be another important factor?


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Casinos are designed to provide a fun and relaxing environment in which to play.

Sure, the fact that there are no clocks can be confusing, as can the labyrinth structures and psychedelic floors, but casinos are basically made to be pleasant.

The lights are dim and the temperature is neither too high nor too low, so as not to distract or interrupt the players; the sight and smells also serve to make the environment more comfortable.

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In all of this, music plays an important role and is in fact kept as background music.

The casino daytime playlist is made for players to relax, including catchy music or classic elevator music, while popular rock and pop songs are introduced in the evening to energize players.

Players react well when they play and hear known songs and that’s also why there are bands playing live covers on weekends.

It’s very similar to how stores manage to create atmospheres that encourage consumers to spend more by using different genres of music depending on the situation.

However, research conducted in the 1960s has shown that loud music is not enough, rather, keeping the music too loud makes customers flee.

Playing in the key of C major

Slots are the most popular casino game and in fact take up more space than other games in the casino.

On the web it’s the same, so much so that a Betway customer managed to win the world record by taking home the Mega Moolah slot prize pool in 2015.

But how do 200 different slots, each with its dazzling lights, bells, whistles, and jackpot sounds, attract the attention of players?

The key of C major has been shown to offer a more pleasant sound environment. A study in Finland also claimed that this key causes a sense of joy and nostalgia.

And that’s why more and more slots are programmed to emit sounds in the key of C major.

It’s not just a musical key that attracts players, but the sound of success also plays its part.

When you win a prize, even a small one, triumphant whistles and sirens go off in order to attract other players.

While most slots winnings are now via vouchers, that doesn’t stop slot makers from creating machines with coin trays so that cash winnings can be heard by other players.

High-quality slots are also important, as they must demonstrate a certain level of attention to detail and must emit sounds that are clear to make the player think that this is an expensive machine.

Ultimately it is about attracting and holding the attention of the players.

In a study conducted by Dr Mark Griffiths of the University of Nottingham Trent’s Gaming Research Unit, it was found that casinos will modify the machines available to them based on the demographics of prospective customers.

Slots featuring simple reels appeal to the 45-60 age group, while high-tech slots featuring complex bonus features appeal to a younger audience. That said, slots that include videos of Elvis and the Simpsons have become very popular in Las Vegas in recent years.

Both play well-known songs, and as described by Dr Griffiths’ psycho-structural interaction, this will lead players to play more.

Keep spinning … keep winning

With so many slots available, developers need to entertain players and casinos want them to keep playing.

To find a good online slot you must first check the prize pool and the variety it offers; therefore the best tactic is to use the head before the ears to choose a game based on the possible rewards rather than based on the sounds it emits.

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